New York Summer

Got to show Megan the homeland go Geneva and the college stomping grounds in and around Ithaca and Watkins Glen. Introductions to aging—albeit still cute—dogs. Murphy won a fan. A first time trip to the 1000 Islands in Clayton, NY to experience a dear friend getting married amongst other dear friends. Laughs and meals shared with family. A welcome respite before the deluge of festivals and events with Jam in the Van throughout September and October. Not as many thunderstorms as we would’ve liked. Some pictures below.

Telluride Jazz Festival 2018 with Jam in the Van

Drove a 15-person passenger van from LA to Telluride and back, herded some proverbial cats in and out each day, stopped at Twin Arrows Navajo Casino (won some mulah, may or may not have gotten addicted to Roulette) twice, took a gondola to work each day, heard some jazz, had a lot of free cocktails, etc.

A very nice trip with a good group--well taken care of by the festival folks and the lodging was gorgeous. Piled in some massive bands into the van, complete with brass sections and wacky percussion and the various student bands really shined...JAZZ IN THE VAN, BABY!

Here are some of the snaps commuting to and from the festival site via gondola, the festival grounds and simply walking around town. 

Sojourn to Arcosanti with Tastes of Sedona Spirituality and Desert Hot Springs Relaxation

Recently took a trip with Megan to visit her friend Jona--welder/hostess extraordinaire--at Arcosanti in Arizona. It was a devilish trip in terms of temperature (with my car's AC compressor biting the dust as evidence, but shout outs to Dean's Auto Repair in Phoenix for a day-of fix) but boy was it nice to taste and feel the heat, a mere mortal humbled. We had a great time despite the car setback and the "arcology" of Arcosanti, Paolo Soleri's passion project, was truly inspiring: with domed ceilings and fluid block construction with elements of sci-fi spirituality providing lush backdrops for the pervasive golden light. Definitely worth a visit. Sedona was an hour-away day trip and the options for hiking, vortex cleansing, crystal shops and thrift boutiques were impressive. Highly recommend Chocolatree for lunch or vegan-sweet-treat delighties!

Stopping at The Spring in Desert Hot Springs for an afternoon soak in their myriad of pools and then Rooster and the Pig for dinner in Palm Springs capped off our trip on Sunday.

Some of my favorite photos below, shot on my FujiFilm X-T2 and Polaroid OneStep 2.

The Mosaics New Single: "High or Low"

#TBT to last week...

Had the pleasure of photographing good buds The Mosaics in the days preceding their big show at The Troubadour in West Hollywood on 8/19 and the release of their new music video for the hot summer single "High or Low." The video/song have been getting some cool press!

It premiered on the Huffington Post! Watch it here:

Below are some of my favorite selects from the shoot...





Faces of: JITV @ The 27th Annual High Sierra Music Festival

Trials and tribulations. "Pits and Peaks". BuzzBoxes and Beers. Supporters and antagonists. Ween and Tank. Terrapins and Crossroads.

High Sierra (+ Terrapin Crossroads) proved to be a long week full of sweat, laughter, beer and even some tears (from laughter). Everyone worked hard and we survived 5 nights of camping a mere 60 feet away from the Jam Van amidst 10,000+ hippies, wooks, tots, tykes, vendors and outdoor folks. 

My favorite line of the week came courtesy of a grizzled Quincy local, chirping to the gas station attendant as I was purchasing ice that "...and by tomorrow, they'll all be gone and I'll have my cell service back!"

Here are some Fuji X-T2 pix of JITV's many fans: thanks for coming out to hang with us everyone!

Faces of: JITV @ Monterey Pop 50th Anniversary

Had a nice weekend in Monterey, California with happy families, nostalgic couples, buzzy colleagues and beautiful sunshine with a touch of heartbreak.

My grandmother--Pop Pop Jane--passed away on Friday and my mother called me mere minutes after Charles Bradley's set concluded, at which he proclaimed that his battles with cancer and chemo would never stop him from spreading love out into the world. I weeped silently against a wooden fence, as my recently purchased Lamb Curry cooled on the service counter. I could picture my mother and aunt at her bedside, as summery wafts from the lilac bush blew into her room through the open window. She went peacefully. A sporty red (PPJ's go-to car color) hearse came and it was deemed fitting. I saw a group of butterflies fluttering underneath a tree later on in the day and I couldn't help but think they carried her spirit with them. She was always partial to butterflies and birds and presumably, most winged creatures. She was a stand-up lady, quick to laugh and make others laugh too.

The loving community and quality musicianship at the festival, along with the support of my colleagues (thanks for the otter shirt from the aquarium, y'all!), helped me get through the weekend with a smile, of which I am more comfortable wearing than bearing an overarching sadness. I'll always cherish the memories I have with PPJ, and they flooded back ten fold this weekend as I processed this life change amidst smiling families, music-loving couples and friendly artists.

Fresh Air Amidst Despicable History

Hiked to Murphy Ranch with Megan on Sunday to breathe in the fresh air amidst the high-end homes of the Pacific Palisades, before descending (and eventually ascending) over 500 stairs to the fabled ruins, where--during the 1940s--Nazi sympathizers hoped to create an American stronghold, only to have their dreams deferred as history played out. Graffiti now covers the service road leading to the stairs, and covers the ruins below in the forest. We saw "Fuck Trump" sprayed out countless times; it is eerie how history repeats itself and hatred for others comes to the forefront of politics...But this hike to this haunting place proved to be very beautiful and I take solace in knowing both nature and common decency eventually overcome hatred of all types, across all times...

Here are some FujiFilm X-T2 shots:

#SceneReport TGIF 05.19.17

As I peddle back from yoga, I stop at an intersection's red light. A small elderly woman clutching a plastic water bottle waits to cross in front of me at the sidewalk's edge. Adjacent, a group of yellow-vested construction workers jackhammer away under a sun that is already hot at 9:36AM. Pond's "30,000 Megatons" plays in my earbuds. Sometimes I wonder if we are inching closer to a time in history where the term "megatons" might be seen in the news with increasing frequency. The crosswalk turns green and the woman shuffles out into the road, meeting a homeless man carrying his wares at the halfway point. She deftly hands the water bottle to the homeless man in one fluid motion and they exchange the subtlest of nods and smiles without breaking stride. The light turns green, the men jackhammer away, and I peddle on into a Friday that will surely be a good day.

A "Museum" of Ice Cream and a Field of "Dreams"

Visited the Museum of Ice Cream in DTLA on Sunday and it was a short but sugar-filled trip through several rooms with modern sculptures built in the name of ice cream. More Instagram frenzy than a history lesson, but it was a technicolored treat (with actual ice cream treats on hand) enjoyed on a breezy Sunday. Yesterday, I helped Jay Diaz and Jack from JITV shoot a new music video for Honey County, one of the acts that Jam in the Van manages. We ended the day at Golden Hour in a nondescript but nonetheless beautiful field in Agoura Hills. Here are some pix: a mixture of iPhone Hipstamatics and FujiFilm X-T2 shots.

Fleeting Moments Observed During Movement

Yesterday, I saw a large woman gesticulating a gun fight with her hands to her bemused friend. They were standing next to a strip mall lock'n'key kiosk and it was the golden hour. She was demonstrating in shocking detail what appeared to me from my vehicle, a victim getting shot in the face with either a bullet or an arrow from a bow. I surmised that the victim's brains were blown out. Her friend nodded solemnly. She was very good at telling her story and I was intrigued but then the light turned green and I drove off.

Today, as I biked home against punishing winds, pedaling steadily and passing beneath an overpass, I saw a homeless man standing one foot away from the cement wall, facing it sternly, mere meters from his own bicycle and pitched tent. He was curling a bowling ball for exercise. Was the bowling ball a prized possession, one he was willing to schlep around with his other belongings? Or did he stumble upon it recently, identifying it as a perfect curling weight? I pedaled on and the temperature dipped with the sunset. 

I wish I had taken photos of these moments.